On the Jewish Question (Readings in Modern Jewish History)

On the Jewish Question (Readings in Modern Jewish History) - Karl Marx Writen in 1842, Marx, with this critique on Bauer's "The Jewish Question", develops a theoritical approach on the nature of the rights of the man. These rights in the industrialised society are divided in political rights and human rights, reflecting the division in the living of the man of the feudal system, where all of its aspects were included in the public/state life and were in part political. After the shutering of that system, while the political rights stand for all people as equals and are not influenced in any way by religion or personal ownership, are separated from the elements that make up their social, private life, such as religion, ownership, equality etc, which are the human rights.
Where Marx concludes is that the people, in order to be fully emancipated must find the way to connect the two livings, the political and the social into one again, in order to participate in the political life as a united social force.