Bite Me - Christopher Moore The first half of the book was a bit slow-paced and dragging. While it was nice to go on with the plot from different characters, I felt as if it was just descriptions and no action. Later, the pace went to light-speed, which kinda annoyed me as well.The whole action was 20 pages that left me asking for more. While reading the book I was thinking that this would be a 3-star or 4-star book, but as I reached the end I was really surprised. It was completely unexpected. Though not the end I was hoping for, it was still a pleasant not-necessarily happy ending.

In general, the trilogy seemed to have many flaws in the storytelling process. The plot itself was interesting, but sometimes the way christopher moore narrated it made it a bit boring. Apart from that, I enjoyed it. I loved its humourous style, especially the diary pieces of the Goth girl.