Equal Rites  - Terry Pratchett As it was mentioned in the second book of the Discworld series, Light Fantastic: “Unseen University had never admitted women, muttering something about problems with the plumbing, but the real reason was an unspoken dread that if women were allowed to mess around with magic they would probably be embarrassingly good at it…”

There were witches of course, but they dealt with a different kind of magic. Higher wizard magic wasn't meant for women.

But in this third book in the Discworld series we are introduced to Eskarina, who by a mistake of a wizard, she is to be the first female wizard in Discworld. That is, if she manages to be recognised as a wizard. Granny Weatherwax is there to help her with this and try to keep her out of trouble, but it seems as the unreined female magic causes lots of trouble and leads to many adventures.

Written in the same funny, brilliand style as the previous books, it has no connection with the stories of Rincewind and Twoflower. We get to discover new areas of the Discworld, revisit Ankh-Morpork and the Unseen University and learn more about the complex magic system of the Discworld.

I liked this one more than the previous two and Granny Weatherwax is definitely one of my favourite book heroines! Thinking that I'm just in the beginning of the Discworld series, I'm really eager to read more about the awesome world Terry Pratchett created and hopefully find more adventures of Granny Weatherwax. Five stars!